Project Visit – Greg Schroeder’s Sportsman

he16_06I recently counted 14 active projects in our chapter, and over the last several months we have been able to travel around and visit them. Recently we visited two of them and both of them are well on their way to completion. In April we saw the Sportsman project being crafted by Greg Schroeder at Northwest Regional airport.
Greg is well on his way to finishing. Even though at first look, the plane looks empty, there is quite a bit of meat and potatoes in there. The forward side of the firewall is nearly finished with only a few things to add. The fuel system is complete. The control systems are in. Most of the electrical wires have been run. So, this Sportsman should be flying in the not too distance future.
Greg intends to build it initially as a nose-gear airplane, but has made provisions to change it to a tailwheel in the future as he desires.


he16_06-2 he16_06-5
This is quality work accomplished by Greg.