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We are an association of people in the Dallas area who have a broad interest in aviation, including factory certified and home-built aircraft. Many of our members have built and fly their own aircraft. Chapter 168 is very active and plans several events each month for our members.  Our monthly chapter meeting, held on the first Tuesday of each month, features an aviation speaker. Our meetings are open to the public and we welcome guests. Please check the event calendar for the next meeting time and date. We hope to see you there!

On a cross-country, experienced pilots keep an eye out for little things that show which way the wind’s blowing, in case of an emergency landing. If you can’t find any smoke or water streaks, cows can sometimes tell you. They generally browse at random in a gentle breeze, but keep their backsides to a strong surface wind.

Compliments of EAA Chapter 383 Newsletter, November 1977 – Manitowoc, Wisconsin




Chapter 168 Ray Aviation Scholarship

The Ray Aviation Scholarship Fund is a scholarship program that is supported by the Ray Foundation, managed by EAA, and administered through the EAA Chapter network. Through the generous support of the Ray Foundation, EAA will provide up to $10,000 to deserving youths for their flight training expenses, totaling $1,000,000 in scholarships annually.

In the spring of 2018, Aiden Koch contacted EAA Dallas Chapter 168 to request a Young Eagles flight. Since the Chapter did not have a Young Eagle event scheduled at that time, Norm Biron agreed to give him a flight. After coordinating his request with his parents, all agreed to meet at Norm’s hangar at the Denton Airport for the Young Eagles flight.

During the preflight inspection and walk around Norm discovered that Aiden was very knowledgeable about aviation and the aircraft. It was obvious that he had been studying the subject. In the air he appeared to be very comfortable and when asked if he wanted to fly the airplane he readily agreed. He had no difficulty maintaining course and altitude, even tried a few turns.

On the ground after the flight Aiden told Norm that he had some flight simulator time which explained why he was able to control the airplane like he did. Norm took some time to discuss the EAA Young Eagles program to him and his parents and encouraged him to join our chapter and take the Sporty’s learn to fly course. Aiden followed through, Joined EAA, attended our chapter meetings and started to take the Sporty’s learn to fly course.

When the Ray Aviation Scholarship became available to our chapter, Aiden was nominated for this Scholarship and was awarded $10,000.00 for flight training.

UPDATE FROM AIDEN: My solo early this month went well. We started out with three touch and goes to make sure I was ready, then I dropped Jeff (my instructor) off at the Austin Executive Tower.
Flying on my own was surprisingly a lot less stressful, and I was very comfortable with no one in the right seat. Barring a couple of right 360s for other traffic and a bounced landing or two, everything was good. I finished my solo and we headed back to Bergstrom. While we waited for additional funding, I didn’t do any flying for a little over two weeks, but I don’t think I was rusty at all when I flew again. The next flight we did simulated instrument training to knock out some of the required dual training. Simulated instrument is definitely fun, but it really throw my senses a curve ball when I have to recover from an unusual attitude. I don’t think I’ve sweated more on any other lesson. Our current plan is to knock out my cross country training requirements and some night flying in the next flight. After that, I’ll probably be on my own to complete solo hours and get ready for my check ride. If I get back to 1-2 flights a week at least, I should be able to finish my flight training in January or early February.
Hopefully I’ll be able to update y’all about my progress in person at the January monthly meeting.



Upcoming Events

    • Tuesday, February 4 – 6:00pm Chapter Planning Meeting. Unless otherwise noted, Chapter Planning Meetings occur one hour prior to the regular Chapter Meetings. All are invited to attend.
    • Tuesday, February 4 – 7:30pm Chapter Meeting. Mike Hance will talk about hot air balloons.

Please refer to the calendar and newsletter for other events.

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