March 25, 2023



January N913F’s New Chapter, Julian’s First Solo Flight, Sportair Workshop: Electrical &
Avionics, Project Updates
February Joe Migis' RV-14 N1436R First Flight, Project Updates
March After 30 years …. N124F Flies, Garmin GNX™ 375, Exhaust Damage, Project Updates
April Jay Pratt’s RV-8 is Painted!, John (Buddy) Linder and his Pietenpol, Flying Updates, Project Updates
May Buddy Linder's Pietenpol NX3473 Flies,  Cross Country Trip Experience, SUN n FUN – 2022, Project Updates
June N56VA Returns with Color, Private Pilot Julian Brown-Griffin, Arizona’s Aircraft Boneyard: More than a place for planes to die, Greetings From Smiley Creek!, Project Updates
July N18MS Flies….Finally, The Chapter Picnic Returns, Greetings From Smiley Creek, Part 2, Project Updates
August Remembering Tom Poberezny, Airventure 2022, A Swarm of Airplanes, Dave Pyke's RV-8 Project Begins
September The New Face of Chapter 168, News from Smiley Creek, New Tech Counselor, Off-Site Exhaust Pipe Repair, Airventure Award Winners
October Fall Fly In at Pecan Plantation, EAA Recognizes Chapter 168 for 30 years of Young Eagle Flights, Project Updates, Erroneous Terminal Area Forecasts
December Building a Custom Aircraft, Project Updates
January Mel Asberry Reaches 1000 Certifications!, Don Christiansen’s S-21 Gets Some Color, Chuck Yeager Passes, Rendezvous at Lakeway Airport, Chris Smith Returns, Brad Roberts’ OneX is Airworthy, Project Updates
February Remembering Jerry Mrazek, Project Updates
March Jim Carney’s Project has a New Home, Learning Experience, Back To Work on the RV-14A, Project Updates
April Charlie Wright’s RV-10 is Airworthy, Chapter 168 Awarded Another Ray Aviation Scholarship, Our Newest Tech Counselor, Young Eagle Flight, Task-Based Phase I to Revolutionize Flight Testing, A New RV-10 Project Start, Project Updates
May Sun N Fun Report: Is the Big Fly In Back?, Superior® XP-O-360 Mixture Sweep, Project Updates
June Charlie Wright's RV-10 N56VA First Flight, Ray Aviation Scholarship Awarded to Julian Brown–Griffin, Project Updates
July Pete Miller: Private Pilot, North Dakota Passport Challenge, The Invisible Threat of Wind Turbines, Project Updates
August Jay Pratt's N6YH First Flight, AirVenture 2021 Report
September Fly-Walk-Hike the Grand Canyon in Arizona in 2021, New Meeting Locations, Young Eagles
October Pete Miller's RV-7 N174PM First Flight, IFR/VFR Conflicts in Magenta Areas, Project Updates
November David Brown’s Airworthy RV-10, October is Good for Fly-Ins, Always Expect Worse: Overpowering Downdraft, Strong Headwind, Low Fuel, System Failure, Project Updates
December Fall Gathering at AeroCountry, Project Updates, N18MS Airworthy
January ADS-B Deadline is Here!, Christmas Party, ADS-B Rule Airspace, Rotax 912 Engine: 2,000 Hours in 25 Years:Part Two, Project Updates, Electrical Connectors
February Ballooning with Mike!, Flying with the Wright Brothers, Project Updates
March EAA Chapter Leadership Boot Camp, New uAvionics Product, Project Updates
April Pete Miller Solos, Ben Wright Gets his Wings, Cessna 210 Spar Carrythrough AD, Project Updates, Comments on Electrical Systems
May Brad Roberts OneX Nears Completion, AirVenture 2020 Canceled, Those Fantastic Days of Fly-Ins, Asberrys' New Project
June New Projects Start!, Mark Merrell’s RV-8, Flyovers from the Front Yard, Another New Bearhawk, Tail Fairings
July Don Christiansen's Rans S-21 Outbound, We Go West But Not Viral, Progress on Mel Asberry's Zenith, Project Updates
August Now a Pilot… Aidan Koch, First Flight of Don Christiansen's Rans S-21N420DC, OSHKOSH 2020……An AirVenture Online, The Wright Flyers, Jim Novak’s Engine Build, Two New Airplanes, Project Updates
September First Flight of Greg Schroeder's SportsmanN800GY, N800GY Now in Phase 1, ELT Mandate, Don Christiansen Receives his First Flight Plaque, Project Updates: Tail Cones and other updates
October Tom White’s RV-8 First Flight, Chapter First Flight Celebration, Colorado Wonderlands: The Dolores and Colorado Rivers, OneX Getting Close, Project Updates
November Remembering Audrey Poberezny, The Winchester Armrest, Klaus Improves His Blogs, Airplanes and Camping, Wheelpant Repair, Project Updates
December My Christmas List, Pete Miller’s Project Visit, Some BBQ Flying, Project Updates


January New Year...New Home!, Christmas Party recap, ADS-B Out With uAvionix TailBeacon, Excellent Engraving Shop in Plano, Brad Roberts Onex, Michael Stephan's RV-8 Maintenance, Black is Back: Kliff Black's RV-7
February Impromptu Fly-In, Note About Anonymous Mode for ADS-B Out, Logbooks, Project Updates
March Installation of the uAvionix TailBeacon Update, Making Repairs: Vans Horizontal Stabilizer Spar service bulletin, Superior Engines Mandatory Buy-Back, Kitbuilt Wingtip Lights, Glastar Gets a New Home
April Big Trouble at Grand Prairie, Legend Cub Tour, Pete Miller Moves to the Airport
May Sun-N-Fun 2019 Report, Chris Smith's RV Passes Inspection, Project Updates
June Remembering D-Day!, Baffles, Sportair Races, Project Updates
July That’s All Brother...Returns, Chapter 168 Picnic, Pancakes at Cleburne, Faulty Rotax 912 Alternator Wiring, Young Eagle Aces
August AirVenture Report, Social Media Influencers
September The Illusion of See and Avoid, VariEzes Thousandth Hour (reprint), Not the Usual WWII Museum, Neat Product: Grip Lock Ties, Project Updates
October Chris Smith's RV-9A N682TX First Flight, Master Pilot Awarded to Don Christiansen, Fly-In Season Wraps Up, Project Updates
November Fall Fly-Ins, Thoughts and Opinions on the Past Years of Amateur-Built Aircraft, Rotax 912 Engine: 2,000 Hours in 25 Years
December KipAero Sopwith Strutter Flies, Mooney Shuts Down….Again!, Flight Training Update November, Chapter 168 Reaches Out, My New Airplane: Tach Rollover, Project Updates
January A Cub Added to Our Pack, Safe VFR Flight on Top of Clouds, Project Updates, Garmin GDL-82 Available
February ‘That’s All, Brother’ Takes to the Skies!!!, Builder Updates, Shower of Sparks, Old School Parts Fabrication
March The Age of the Jet Engine, Project Updates, Remembering Howard Walrath
April Remembering Howard Walrath, Our Airplanes Need Documentation, Engine Projects
May Sun-N-Fun Report, Pete Miller Hangs His Engine, RV-10 Fast Build, project Visits, Mark Merrell’s RV-8, Wear and Tear
June Mark Merrell's N8281V Flies!, Mel Asberry Awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, Jackie Cochran Beech 18 Restoration Project, Rearview Mirror 1961, Stein Air Donation, Project Updates
July Chapter Picnic at Shortstop, MAI, the Friendly Marianna, FL Airport, Airventure Preview, Project Updates
August Airventure 2018, One Week Wonder, Big Tires, Seaplanes, Warbirds, A Difficult Arrival
September Cessna 210 Back in the Air, Sad Day!!: Mel and Ann sell their RV-6, Remembering Don Pellegreno, Induction Leaks, Project Updates
October Remembering Bill Bracken, Induction Leaks Part 2, Camera of iPad Produces Violation of Class C Airspace, Make Your Own Labels Free and Without a Label Maker
November A Rainy October, ADSB Countdown, Pilot Shortage, New Trainer, New LSA Rules?, iPad Airplane Mount, Project Updates
December Christmas Wish List, red Bull Air Race Texas Finale, Belleville Washers in Gearbox of Rotax 912/914 Engine, End of An Era: We're Moving, 25 Years with an RV-6
January The X-Project, Cirrus Delivers first Vision Jet, Skycatchers Scrapped, Arlington Airport Fights Coyotes, National Aviation Hall of Fame's 'Oscars of Aviation' move to Fort Worth in 2017
February Something to look forward to at Oshkosh 2017, Third Class Medical Reform via BasicMed, Extra Electric Airplane Sets Climb Record, 90th Anniversary for Lockheed Vega, A Look Back: the Wing Derringer
March Sixteen Years of Panel Progression, Jim Novak’s RV-8 Project, Lancair Assets Land in Texas, A Look Back: the Mountain Goat, Law Suit Against Van’s Aircraft Dismissed
April ADS Rebate Program–Piece of Cake, EAA Green Dot podcast
May Sun N Fun recap, BasicMed Begins, Chapter Tool List, A New Project: Charlie Wright's RV-10
June EAA TriMotor visit, Ted Harrison’s Cessna 210 restoration, Crawfish Boil
July Getting Ready for Airventure 2017, New FAA Hangar Regulations, progress on Charlie Wright's RV-10, Torque Wrench Talk
August Airventure 2017 Recap, Airventure Hot Topics, Bombers, Bombers, and Bombers and other Cool Planes, Tools and Innovations
September KipAero, Blue Sky Flights, Project Updates: Bill Bracken's Spitfire and Charlie Wright's RV-10, Rotax 912 Vanishing Coolant, Hurricane Harvey Local Support
October Flying the Snake River, RV Supertracks, Project Updates
November Cedar Mills Splash-In, Snake River Part 2, Dealing with the ADS-B Options, Project Update - Onex
December Pilot Goodies for Christmas, Van's Announcements, My Favorite Tools, Project Updates
January Richard Wingfield’s RV-14,  LED Light for Fuel Gauge,  Lesson 1 in the Glider,  Burt Rutan’s Skigull Flies
February Remembering Red Marron, EAA's new Young Eagle Policy, Remembering Don Wilcox,  Anatomy of a Winch Launch,  Metal Fatigue in the Zenith 601HDS Tail Cone, Richard Wingfield’s RV-14 Project Visit
 March Charlie Wright’s RV-9A N739RV first flight, Landing the Glider, Center line marking tool, Pelican Landing restaurant reopens
 April Boy Scouts and Young Eagles, New Project at Grand Prairie: Larry Birdwell's Mustang II, Builder websites, Adverse yaw, Raspberry Pi, Changing to P-Mags
 May Sun n Fun 2016, Chapter 1246 Fish Fry, Dynon STC for standard aircraft
June A Tale of Two Builders:  Greg Schroeder and Pete Miller, A STOL Weekend, Oshkosh Highlights,  Pilot Certificate Changes in Effect, My First Race, PMAG Installation
July ACE Young Eagles, Electronic Ignition,  Charlie Wright's First Flight plaque for his RV-9A N739RV, Avoiding Stalls,  Long-distance Route Planning in Bad Weather, Project Updates
August Airventure 2016, Soaring...Texas Style
September Tracing the Flight of the Beast in "The Dog Stars", Medical Reform: Law of the Land, Getting to Oshkosh Air Venture 2016 and Back Home in a Cessna 140, Complex Flight Plans
October First Flight of Richard Wingfield's RV-14 N212RM, Hangar Use Policy Clarified, Recording Your Own Death Spiral, Remembering Arnold Palmer, Understanding your Tailwheel, Field Trip - Super Marine Spitfire Kit Plant
November Celebrating Bob Hoover, Albuquerque Ballon Festival, 2016 Cedar Mills Splash-In
December The Navy's Blue Angels: Incredible Precision at High Speed, Upgrade That Panel, Clean those Screens, Richard Wingfield’s First Flight Plaque
January Aerial selfies: Do you need a GoPro on your wing?,  Rotax-powered Mountain Flying,  Synchronization of Rotax 912 Carburetors
February Remembering Jan Collmer
March St. Martin airplane watching, Pete Miller RV-7 visit, Camera inspections
April Lockheed Martin Flight Service, flying Blue Sky STEM teachers,  Joe Migis RV-14 visit,  Catalinas on Lake Worth
May Don Metivier RV-6A visit, EAA1246 Fish Fry tradition, digitizing logbook
June Sun n Fun report,  Origin of the Third Class Medical, Remembering Delmo Johnson
July New Weather and Utah's Majestic Arches and Bridges,  FAA Regulatory Disobedience
August Airventure report, Third Class Medical Reform,  Mesa Verde National Park
September Dean Eiland’s RV-9 first flight, The Bugatti flies!
October Biennial flight reviews, Remembering  Tuskegee Airman Calvin Spann,  An RV8 Encounter: Communication Without Words
November Young Eagle Next Steps, Charlie Wright’s RV-9A progress, Van's Lawsuit, What Are They Doing Now?: Jerry Mrazek, Ranger Fly-in
December ASK-21 glider with a tow winch, Bruce Fuller and the Bearhawk, Airports of Yore
January A gaggle of Flight Design CTs over Arizona and Utah
February Not a Race but a Journey: the Sport Air Racing League, Red Bull air racing, DFW Airspace changes
March Jeff Skiles visits the area, There’s a New Fabric in Town: Oratex,  Floyd H. "Slats" Rodgers
April Service Bulletins and The Experimental Aircraft, Chris Smith RV-9A, Dynon Skyview, Keep it Simple
May Sun n Fun report, Brad Roberts Onex visit, Commemorative Air Force Moving Headquarters To Dallas Executive Airport
June Chapter 168 Picnic, General Aviation’s Shining Moment, Our Heroes Have Always Been Pilots
July iFly GPS, Garmin GPS 18x, Kermit Weeks' Fantasy of Flight
August Young Eagles at Love Field, Aviation Man Caves, Fire extinguishers, Relay switches
September Airventure report, Glider contest at Texas Soaring Association,  Electric Fuel Pump System for Rotax 912
October Proper Deburring, Red Bull air racing, Going North: Glacier National Park
November Splash In at Cedar Mills,  Imperial War Museum at Duxford,  Broken exhaust baffle
December Michael Hoye's Pober Speedster, Marvin and Patricia Brott's Car Stories
February Don Christiansen RV-8 N314DC first flight, The Sound of Silence,  Getting High: FAA altitude chamber training,  Lithium Batteries
April Me-262 visits Dallas, Aircraft Logbook: What goes in there?,  Pillars of Aviation:
Charlie Hillard and Dick Cavin,  Fabulous Failure: Tony Fox and the Foxjet
May Chapter 168 50th Anniversary, Builder's Tip: Invisible Gloves,
June Ken Whitehead and Eugene (Gene) Robinson's 1941 Piper J3 Cub N35301 First Flight,  Solar Impulse Arrival at DFW,  The Last Pilot
July Annual Picnic report,  Member Profiles: Norm and Helen Biron,  Edna Gardner Whyte,  Radio Interference of 12V iPad Charger in Cockpit
August Impromptu Fly Ins,  Mel Asberry's history with Chapter 168, Flying Frugally, Hot Oil
October Pecan Plantation report, Turks and Caicos, Brad Roberts Onex update,
November Cedar Mills Splash In, Risk Management, A Scary Experience: Terrain on the IPad,  ELT Maintenance, CAF Airpower visit to McKinney
December The PLB - the ELT’s little friend, Commercial Pilot Privileges, New Products: GRT EFIS and TruTrak's new autopilot, Glastar on floats, Sport Pilot Considerations
January Albuquerque Ballon Festival, Winter Flying, Low And Slow Over The Alaska Highway
February Van's RV-1 restoration update, RV-1 History: Told Through The Log
Books, The HP Schreder Homebuilt Aluminum Glider, Preheating
March RV-1 - Airworthy and Flying Again!, Motorgliders, Cross Country Planning - The Next Level
April RV-1 Arrives At Sun-N-Fun, Tower Trepidation, David Buono's N517AD Goes Through Its 2nd Inspection And Gets A Few Upgrades
May Spitfire Reborn: Homebuilt Spitfires, David Buono's N517AD upgrades
July Flying The Grand Canyon, Electronic Flight Bag choices
August Ten Miles to Turn Two: Sport Air Racing League, McCullocoupe, VFR Cross Country
September Airventure reports, World Gliding Championship in Uvalde, Texas
October Pagosa Springs – Flying, Hiking, and Fun, RV wing spar bolt service bulletin, Big Tree Alligator Juniper trip
January Operating Limitations, Building Decisions, Fun flights, Tracking David, Pilots N Paws
February Visiting Cavanaugh Museum, Operating Limitations Part 2, AOPA Flight Planner: New Version
March Pilots N Paws Mission #2, Operating Limitations Part 3, Michael Stephan's Second RV Project: RV-9A, Trip Report: San Antonio
April Big Bend State Park, Operating Limitations Part 4, The Waddington Effect, Electric airplanes: Sun Seeker, Local Warbird News and Updates
May Bassett Hound Rescue Mission, Operating Limitations Part 5, The Pattern Police, Recycling Old Charts, Chart Costs, Electric Aircraft, How Much Is Too Much?
June Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, Operating Limitations Part 6, Visit to Olney, Texas
July Bahamas Trip Report, Operating Limitations Part 7, Chapter Summer Picnic, Update: Recovering Super Cub N7779D, What Price Masterpiece?
August Rotax Goes South As We Go West, Operating Limitations Part 8, A Man Can Dream, Remembering Gene Spaulding, Lassie Goes To Houston
September Oshkosh Thoughts, My Work To Be Featured In Museum, Runway Status Lights, My First Gyro Copter Ride
October Van Gogh and America’s First Patented Helicopter, Pecan Plantation, Remembering Rich Worstell
November Badlands Fly-In, Chapter 168 Visits Southwest Airlines, Cedar Mills Splash In
December Incontrovertible Proof: Aliens in Texas and New Mexico, chapter 1246 Chili Cook Off
January Year End Young Eagles, Twas the Night Before Christmas, Local Warbird News And Updates
February Charlie Kearns' RV-8 N213CK first flight, Bruce Pauley’s RV-7A at the Airport, Bill Bracken’s Glastar is Airworthy, Losing A Propeller Blade, David Buono's RV-7A N517AD Weighs In, Learning To Fly the 737
March David Buono's RV-7A N517AD first flight, Winter Cross Country, Ken Krebaum RV-8 airworthy
April Bill Bracken Glastar N4323C first flight, Remembering Stan Shannon, David Buono's RV-7A N517AD updates
May Ken Krebaum RV-8 N443V first flight, Michael Combs Hope One, Olney TX visit, ELTs: Are You As Safe As You Think You Are?
June Bruce Pauley RV-7A N177WD first flight, Local Warbird News and Updates, Our Airports, Remembering Paul Thayer, Facelift For A Seventeen Year Old (N168TX)
July Chapter Summer Picnic, Loyalty and Patriotism, Pecan Plantation, Two Kinds of Pressure, Mustang Beach Trip Report
August Arizona Bloom, Understanding APRS, Good And Bad Fortune
September 2010 Young Eagles Leadership Award, Weighing airplanes, Warbird News and Updates, Airventure Tales
October Reno Air Races, My Reno Experience, Remembering Bo Bauereis, Labor Day In Pagosa Springs
November Cedar Mills Splash In, Michael Stephan RV-8 Panel upgrades
December A Special Flight: Riding a B-24, How to Add Equipment and Lose Weight, Operating Limitations, Repairman Seminar, Local Warbird News and Updates, Chapter Tools, Gerald and David Oliver RV-12 project visit


January Panel Planning For IFR, Airbike Joins the Hopper, Alternative Alternator Wiring, Brad Roberts RV-7 N676BD is Airworthy, Miegs Field loss, The Story Of O’Hare Airport
February Touch of Texas Pilot Charles Mohrle, Aircraft Painting, Local Warbird News and Updates, Angle of Attack For Your Dynon, Frontiers of Flight visit
March Brad Roberts RV-7 N676BD first flight, Wind: Friend or Foe?, Local Warbird News and Updates, Trip Report: Fort Lauderdale
April Half Car-Half Plane: FIRST FLIGHT!, Use Your Cell Phone for More Than Just Calling the Flight Briefer, Winds Aloft, Flight Testing, Local Warbird News and Updates, Kezer Fly-Out report, Trip Report - Hot Springs
May Richard Wingfield RV-8 N122MR First Flight, CH-601XL issues, Spring Flying
June Spring Flying, Update On CH-601XL, Cayman Islands In An RV?, Green Airplanes, Engine Building 101
July Heavy Lifting Iron, Runway Incursions, Local Warbird News and Updates, Young Eagles Event Flies High
August One Sweet Ride, Local Warbird News and Updates, Why We Build and Fly, Passing the Torch to Joey, Arriving in Oshkosh…Weather Permitting
September Airventure report, Mustang Restoration Continues
October Racing For Reno, Local Warbird News and Updates, Florida Seaplane Flying and More, Got Fudge?
November A Trail of Two Rivers, 90% Done 90% To Go, Udvar-Hazy Museum, Cedar Mills Splash In, Young Eagles report
December Clay Romieser RV-9A N628CR is Back, Scott Carter and Lynn Canatella 2009 Xtra EZ N541SL Wins a Silver Lindy, Charlie Kearns RV-8 N213CK airworthy, Weight and Balance the Easy Way, Visit to the Curtiss Museum, Bill Bracken Glastar Making Progress
January Bill Pappas Champ N4879E Wins a Lindy, Weighing another RV-8, Builders and Flyers
February Cavanaugh Museum visit, Flight Design's CTSW, Stephenville visit, Diary of a Builder, Dave Love RV-8 airworthy, Member Profile: Mel Asberry, Answering the question: Why build?
March A Visit To RV Central, Timeless Voices of Aviation: Charles W. Duecker, Building for the Mission, Diary Of A Builder, 51% Rule Scrutinized, Member Profile: Michael Stephan
April Chapter 168 Visits The Hard Eight, Jay Pratt’s New Ride, SportAir Composite Workshop, Phil Boyer Comes to Dallas, Diary Of A Builder, Member Profile: David Buono
May Sun N Fun report, An Instrument Rating?, Directing Air Traffic - Easy As Pie, Fayette County (LeGrange) Fly-In, Oil Filter Cutting Tool, It’s A Really Small World..., Diary Of A Builder
June Pecan Plantation Fly-In, Norm Biron’s Glastar Weighs In, Recent Local Fly-ins, Charlie Kearns’ RV-8 project visit
July Spring Turbulence, Trip To The Stars, Jay Bannister Zodiac CH601XL weighs, Brad Roberts’ RV-7 Nearing Completion
August Local Warbird News and Updates, Oil Temperature Gremlins, Young Eagles at Meacham, Aviation's Ten Commandments, Shaking Off The Rust
September My Flight to Airventure, Oshkosh reports, Local Warbird News and Updates, Cedar Mills
October Norm Biron Glastar N227NB first flight, 51% Rule, Local Warbird News and Updates, West Coast Falco Fly-In, Brad Roberts
RV-7 N676BD at the Airport
November Something Old Something New, So Smaart Young Eagles, Local Warbird News and Updates, Cedar Mills Splash In, Octoberfest In Missouri’s Wine Country, Building From Scratch, Wrong Way Corrigan, Land of Enchantment Fly-In
December Jay Bannister Zodiac CH601XL N2630J “Lil Bruiser” first flight, North American AT-6 “Texan” Ride, 1+5+5+3+3+5 = FUN, The Little Engine That Can, Bruce and Mary Ann Fuller Bearhawk project visit
January George Kilishek RV-8 N58GK first flight, David and Vicki Jones RV-10 Update, Christmas Party Recap, In-The-Ear Headsets
February Remembering Owen Bruce, N991MS Finally Gets Some Color
March Henry Odlozil Sr.'s birthday, Transponders, Quartz Mountain Oklahoma, Grand Prairie Neighbors
April Paul Dye, David Landrum RV-6 project visit, SportAir Electrical Class, Natchitoches Louisiana, Spinks Fly-In
May Seaplane Adventures, David Buono RV-7A Project update, David and Vicki Jone’s RV-10, First flight of Van’s Own RV-10, A Thin Margin
June David and Vicki Jone’s RV-10 N143DV first flight, Some Planes Don't Like It Hot, Airplanes (YEA) and Taxes (UGH) in Texas
July Lancaster Chili Cook Off, In Flight Weather Information, Selling or Buying a Plane, Final Flight
August Jay Pratt RV-8 "New Borrowed Horse" first flight, Mike Hodge Glasair III N8MH wins “Kit Outstanding Workmanship” award, Annual Chapter Picnic, Experimental Aircraft, Project Updates, Airventure From a First Timer
September Bob Martin and Bob Seloff RV-10 N19939 first flight, Oshkosh report, David Buono’s RV-7 project visit
October Tail-draggers to Sulphur Springs, Old Threshers Reunion, McKinney’s Annual Chili Cook Off
November Flying the Cascades, Cedar Mills Fly-In
December Fun in Oklahoma, PLBs Revisited, Banner Towing Operation at ShortStop Airfield, So Smaart Young Eagles
January Lynn Darling’s Helicycle, Life at 2,500 feet, Vickers Vimy, Quality Time, Leanne Walsh: Master CFI
February Mike Hodge Glasair III N8MH first flight, Getting Ready For The DAR, One Six Right movie review
March Clay Romeiser’s RV-9A N628CR painted, RV fuel pickup tube Service Bulletin, A Tale of Two Towers, Registering Your Amateur-Built or Light-Sport Aircraft, Antares Electric Airplane, Brad Roberts’ RV-7 project visit, Fly-Out to Northwest Regional
April Don Bird Lancair N197DA Gets its Color, News from Aero Country, Adding the Instrument Rating, Two Radios or Not Two Radios
July The Brott Museum, Ron Bonnette RV-7A Ready for Inspection, Pecan Plantation Spring Fly-In, Bi-Plane Expo, Dave
Dalski RV-10 project visit
August Levoy Wheeler Jr Sky Ranger II N876LW first flight, New Member Gets Old Airplane, Chapter Picnic, Beyond Young Eagles, Mentors
September Ron Bonnette RV-7A N192TX first flight, Oshkosh Wrap-up, Pilot Incapacitation, Straight Lines
October David Key Kolb Mark III Xtra N95DK first flight, Flight Test Area, Spinks Fly-Out and Chapter coordination, Why Soar?, the Garmin 496
November Reno Championship Air Races, Graham Municipal Fly-Out, That First Engine Start
December The Perfect Adventure: Washington D.C., Putting a Glastar on Floats, Jumping Into the EFB World (Part 1: My Decision Making Process), ELT 406 Value, DIY Oxygen, Debugging the Airplane
January Asberry Anniversary at Hangar Hotel, Young Eagle Event, Christmas Party, Are you operating legally?, Engine Choices
February David and Vicki Jones RV-10 update, the Mel Asberry Mini Skybolt, Kit Built or Plans Built?, Why Belong to an EAA Chapter?
March From a 54 foot Wingspan to 27!, Critical Flutter Speed; True or Indicated?
April Michael Stephan RV-8 N991MS first flight, "Hoot" Gibson, Retirement: Jerry Mrazek builds his RANS S-14
May More about "Hoot" Gibson, Ken Nordman RV-6A N111KN first flight, Mel Asberry wins Tony Bingelis Award, Recent Fly-Ins
June Southwest Regional Fly-In report, 70 MPH in an RV-10, A Terrifying Tygon Tubing Tale, "Clear Prop", Texas RV Fly-In, Mesquite Young Eagles
July Chris Pratt RV-8 N898DK first flight, A "Pair of Tens", Flying to See President Bush
August Robert Cullinan RV-9A N2756C first flight, Michael Stephan's first solo in his RV-8 N991MS, Summer Picnic, Look Mel, No Motor!, More Mesquite Young Eagles
September Oshkosh reports
October The Legend Cub, Hoot & Bruce Say “Hi to 168” from Reno!, Crossing the Rockies
November McKinney Chili Cook Off, Land of Enchantment Fly-In, Maturing EFIS systems, Rita to Sugarland
December EAA Light Sport Pilot Tour, Commemorative Air Force Airsho, Mike Hodge's Glasair III
January Moving Day for Clay Romeiser’s RV-9A N628CR, The Christavia Upgrade, New Products and Comments, Chapter Christmas Party
February Two’s Company but Three’s more Sexy: a new prop for Mel's RV-6, I Hate Fiberglass, How’s the Weather in Your Airplane?, RV-10 Updates
March Jerry Mrazek's S-14 Gets Electric Start, TruTrak autopliots, Ralph Capen’s RV-6A project visit, Alphabet Soup: ELTs, PLBs and EPIRBs, Ken Nordman’s RV-6A Project update
April Clay Romeiser RV-9A N628CR first flight, Weighing Clay Romeiser's RV-9A, David and Vicki Jones’ RV-10 project visit, Fly-Out to Hicks, Poor Electrical Connections
May Restoration of a Piper Super Cruiser, Sun N Fun report, Glass Panels: a Word of Caution
June Jay Pratt Northstar "Shooter" N46NS first flight, SWRFI report, Pecan Plantation, So You Want To Rebuild Your Lycoming Engine
July Be Kind to Your Engine While Using Less Fuel, Frontiers of Flight Museum opens, Propeller Myths
August To Sherman for Pancakes, Visiting IndUS Aviation, Summer Picnic, The Antelope Wind Festival and the Wing Walkers: Two Tales of a City
September Oshkosh report, Fly-Out to Cedar Mills, Ron Bonnette’s RV-7A project visit, Robert Cullinan’s RV-9A project visit, Michael Stephan's N991MS goes to the airport
October Idaho Mountain Flying, Light Sport Aircraft and the Sport Pilot, Safe Harbor, Pat Johnson’s RV-7A project visit
November Big County Airfest, McKinney Chili Cook-Off, Land Of Enchantment RV Fly-In, Jim Markle’s Pietenpol Air Camper, Dimplestein
December Venture into Sky King Country, Young Eagles Galore, Robrucha Cartoons, Sloshed?
January John Carpenter's Zodiac N271JC Experience, ASOD Fly-In, First Flight of "New" ME262, Christmas Party, Young Eagles, Mike Hodge Glasair III project visit
February Extended Range Fuel Tanks for RVs, State of the EFIS Address, Fly-In/Drive in to Meacham, My Engine Experience
March Bruce Bohannon Visits Chapter 168, An EFIS One for My RV-8 Part I, Fly-In to Hicks, Alternate Air for Homebuilts
April Pete Quortrup and Beech C45J, What’s Really Important When Flying?, Fly-In to Spinks, Young Eagles, Breaking Ground at the
Frontiers of Flight Museum
May Chapter 168's 40th Anniversary, Sun ’n Fun, Ken Steponaitis’ Velocity project visit, “Any Traffic Please Advise”, Cavanaugh Fly-in/Drive In
June SWRFI 2003: Back to the Hill Country
July Chapter 168 Welcomes a Champ, Two Tales of Two Builders, Building’s Side Benefits, Dave Carter and Sport Aviation
August To EFIS or not to EFIS, Fabricating Air Intake Ducts, July’s Fly-In to Hicks, Summer Picnic, 2003 Central Texas Fly-In
September Oshkosh Report
October Big Country Airfest, Mel Asberry Flies the RV-10, Young Homebuilder, Fuel Contamination, Cedar Mills Fly In, National Air tour
November Land Of Enchantment RV Fly-In, Canards Descend on Rough River, McKinney Chili Cook-Off, So Smaart Young Eagles, Aero
Country Sightings, Young Homebuilder, Chris Pratt’s RV-8 project visit, What’s in a Name?
December A Century of Flight, One Million Young Eagles flown!, Chapter 34’s Wright Flyer Replica, The Cullinan RV-9A project visit, 51% Rule Revisited
January Chapter 168 Welcomes a New Aircraft: Jeff Anderson's Cherokee 140, Christmas Party, Chris Pratt’s RV-8 project visit, Marvin Brott wins “Best RV-8” award, An Airplane without Gyros?, How The Internet Is Changing The RV Experience
February George Kilishek RV-8 N888GK first flight, An EFIS For My Homebuilt, Cavanaugh Flight Museum visit, Control stick safety alert, Rules of Flight
March Flyin’ EZ Style, Pete Quortrup and Beech C45J, Definitions from the Past, Va—Design Maneuvering Speed: What Is It?, 60 Days to an RV, Katherine Stinson: The Flying Schoolgirl, Beautiful plane…how fast is it?, Do You Know How To Fly Your Flag?
April Dean Fellows' RV-6 gets painted, Pat Johnson RV-7 project visit, Spinks Fly-In, Mark and Pete Rowe’s RV-8, Dave Dalski’s RV-8A goes to the airport, Ken Krebaum’s Skyote, Keith Cobb’s RV-9A, Michael Stephan’s RV-8, Wil Ramsey & 60 Days to an RV, My First Trip to the Big Show...In Style
May Dave Dalski RV-8A N854D first flight, AeroCountry Fly-In, Sun N Fun report, Faye Troxel's Favorite Fly-In, Les Palmer’s KR2: A Pocket Rocket
June Les Palmer's KR2: A Pocket Rocket Part II: Propeller, Mesquite Fly-In, Ralph and Alane Capen RV-6 project visit, Horse Power
July John Phillips RV-6A N809EP first flight, GAMI Fly-In, Mack Cobb RV-9A project visit
August Summer Picnic, To Utah’s Cliffs and Canyons, George Kilishek RV-8 N888GK Update
September Oshkosh report, Digi-Track Autopilot
October Ice Cream Social, Harold Troxel's most memorable flight, Choices
November Doug Reeves RV-6 N617AR first flight, Lewis Shaw, SWRFI report, McKinney Chili Cook-Off, Young Eagles, A Modern Day Barn Raisin’
December Ken Krebaum's Skyote…as in Coyote, Kezer Fly-In, Okmulgee Regional Airport, Tom Davies Acrosport II project visit, Jerry Mrazek's two cylinder engine project visit, Young Eagles
January Young Eagles, Remembering Lea Abbott, Mulling Over The Prop Decision?, How to Complete an Airplane: Discipline & Working Smart, Jay Pratt: Prolific Builder, Polen Special II wins Copperstate Dash, Builder's Tips, Marvin Brott RV-8 project visit
February Dave Davidson and Marquart MA5 Charger, Richard Robbins Breaks the Young Eagle Century Mark, Jim Younkin, Save that Battery
March Gene Spaulding's Strange Airplanes I Have Met, Marvin Brott's RV-8 project update
April Gene Spaulding's Strange Airplanes I Have Met Part 2, Its Not Over Yet: Marvin Brott's RV-8 project update, Grounding of CDI Module, Rotax 912 Engine, Need RV Help?, Pavel Kulendik's MG project
May Marvin Brott RV-8 first flight, Remembering Tony Bingelis, Young Eagles, Sun N Fun report
June Ed Hicks Photo Shoot, First Flight Thoughts from Marvin Brott, Mark Steffensen’s RV-8A Got Color, Unbelievable Flight Hours, Ken Nordman’s RV-6 Project
July The Second Offense, Steve Genotte Europa project visit
August Jim Walters RV-8 N594JW first flight, Lancaster Fly-In, No Stinken Jigs: Mack Cobb’s RV-9a project visit, Comments on Painting
September Nice Birthday Present: Ben Johnson RV-6A N66RT first flight, Darrel and Wally Watson’s RV-6 first flight, Dick and Jo Ann Stephens RV-6 Got Color, Oshkosh report
October Darrel and Wally Watson RV-6 N331DW first flight, Hicks Fly-In, SWRFI report, An Extreme Cross-Country Adventure
November Flying Around Thunderstorms, Mesquite Fly-in, McKinney Chili Cook-Off, Mike Hodge Glasair III project visit
December Vern Williams’ Zenith CH-601HD first flight, Fly-in to Northwest Regional, Land of Enchantment
January Howard Walrath’s Long Trail to the RV-6A, Marvin Brott's RV-8 project update, An Xtreme Purchase: Preparing for "Baby"
February An Xtreme Purchase, Bringing Home “Baby”, Chapter 168 Aviation Legends: Ken Larson, Jan Collmer and Owen Bruce, The Ubiquitous Courtesy Car: Airport Cars I have Known
March One Dream After Another, Drive-In at FW ARTCC, Vern Williams: Zenith Zodiac CH 601 HD project update, Thoughts on Panel Planning, New Paint for John Snyder’s RV-6A
April Finding Hidden Drag, Funding for the Frontiers of Flight Museum, Mark Steffensen's RV-8A project update, Young Eagles
May Sun N Fun report, Don Christiansen: Chapter 168’s Newest Technical Counselor, Jim Walters RV-8 project update
June Jerry Bidle CGS Hawk Classic first flight, McKinney Fish Fry, Richard Robbins Steps into Another High Performance Retractable, Remembering Bill and Jeremy Benedict
July Janice and Bert Feller Glastar first flight, Carol and Mike Hoye Pober Pixie II first flight, Chapter 168’s Weekend on
Galveston Island, Fitting the RV-8 Canopy, What's The Value of One Member?
August Mountain Air, Young Eagles, Challenge Air event, Get Inspired to Serve Your Chapter, Jay Pratt Completes Another RV, A Piper Cherokee Brought Back to Life
September Mark Steffensen RV-8A first flight, Oshkosh report, What's all the Flap about Takeoff?
October Dick Stevens RV-6 first flight, Challenge Air event, Aircraft Weighing: We Try Out the New Chapter Scales, Friendly Airports, The Exxon Flying Tiger and the Polen Special II meet in Granbury
November SWRFI report, Young Eagles, Addison EAA Grass Roots Meeting, RV-9A: Just Another RV?
December EAA’s Top Technical Counselor is Mel Asberry, First Annual Chili Cook Off, Mountain Flying


January Dave Carter's Christavia MK4 N556PS First Flight, Don Christiansen’s RV-8 First Flight, Project Updates, Jay Pratt and N46RV, A Treasure Chest: The History of Aviation Collection at UTD, Buried Treasures
March Three RV-4’s: Chuck Olmsted, Chuck Wilson, Jeff Hanson, Darrel and Wally Watson Leaving for Wichita, Project Updates, Planes of Fame Museum
April Dick Flunker's RV-6A N326DB First Flight, Absolute Ceiling of an RV-6, The 99 Club, Texas Messerschmitt Me262 Up-Date, Motion Sickness Remedies
May Sun’n Fun: An Anniversary Year, Sun’n Fun ‘99: What Did You Miss?, Risky Business: Great Rewards Building the International Space Station, Is There an Interesting Airplane in Your Future?, A Note on RVs from Sun ‘n Fun
June Jay Pratt's RV-8 First Flight, RV-8 Quick Build Kit, Technical Counselor Visits, No Solder Please, Of Lightning Bolts, Sandstorms and Snow, Kamikaze Test Pilot, Dynamic Prop Balancing - Update, Where is Flight Watch?
August How Chapter 168 Airplanes Got Colors, Handheld Radios, John Snyder's RV-6A First Flight, Honor Thy Limits, Comments on JFK Jr. Tragedy, PC-ATDs (Home Flight Simulators)
September Oshkosh Report, Northwest Regional Fly-In, A Trip to the Four Corners States
January Dean Fellows' RV-6 N245DF First Flight, Free Flight, But Not Exactly What the FAA Had in Mind..., Redbird Fly-In, Jerry Bidle and Gary Hansen's Kolb FireFly First Flight, Texas Airplane Factory’s Me-262 Jets in Limbo
February Thunder!: The Thunder Mustang in Dallas, Greg Otto's Velocity N150GH First Flight, John Denver Accident, Pilot Error
March Jerry Bidle and Gary Hansen's Kolb FireFly First Flight, Young Eagles report, Hangar Tales, Joe Nelson and the First C-172, Fly the Pattern, Alfred W. Lawson: His Unacknowledged Contributions to Early Aviation
April The Thunder Mustang at EAA168, Airplane Crunch: Gary is OK, Jerry Mrazek's Rans S-14 First Flight, Bill Signs from Barrow to Spitzbergen, Remembering Bettye Shoup
May Jerry Mrazek's Rans S-14 First Flight, Atlantic Crossing in an RV-4
June Sun ‘n Fun Report, Friendship Flight '98: Bill Signs Re-enacts Eielson's '28 Arctic Flight, Cap Button Pain, Mayfest at McKinney, Some People Get Lucky, Young Eagles Fly-In At McKinney, Tommy Hawk Tales
July Carter Craft’s Zenith CH-601HDS First Flight, Well-Grounded Aviator (Pete Huff) has One Flight of Fancy, More on GPS, Remembering Dale Clarke, # 2 prototype RV-8 Lost,
August Hidden Valley Fly-In, AeroCountry to Lose Its Aerobatic Box, Texas Airplane Factory’s Me262s Still in a Holding Pattern, The Amazing H-1, Vern William’s Zenith CH601HD Project Update, Northwest Regional Fly-In, Tom Scott’s Glass Goose Ready to Fly, Dale Medlin’s Thundergull J
September Falco Finds New Home in Dallas, Accident Updates: Dean Fellows, Thunder Mustang and RV-8, Oshkosh Report, new Cessna 172s: Ya Gotta Be Kiddin'
January Cecil Mcree's RV-6 N139TX First Flight, Hoot Gibson: A Little Work; A Little Play, New England Air Museum, VariEze's Thousandth Hour, Jeana Yeager at Frontiers Of Flight
February Remembering Frank Poplawski, Private Pilot Weight Loss Program, Texas Airplane Factory Me-262 Update, Stalls, Spins and Safety,
March Susan and Jeff Hanson's RV-4 First Flight, Remembering Dick Johnson, The Good Merlin Doctor, One-Way Corrigan
May Higher, Faster, Farther, Bud Wilson's KR-2 N311BW First Flight, Sun N Fun, Martin and Lisa Wright's Pulsar Heads Straight to Sun N Fun, Save yOUR Airport
June Father and Son RV-4, Unfamiliar Airports - My Own, Trade-A-Plane Blues, Brass Nuts, Wings and Wheels Fly-In: Santa Ynez, California, Use the Rudder, Top 10 Misperceptions I’ve Encountered in the Process of Building My RV
July Tom Moore’s Quickie Q-200 First Flight, Birds Gotta' Fly, Rocky Mountain Fly-In, My Day as a Drug Runner, Flying Blind, Flying Safe
October Chapter Involvement, Chapter 983 Said It Better, An Airport For All Seasons, Using a GPS To Calibrate the Airspeed Indicator, In-Flight Battery Gas Explosion, History of Paint
November Report from Kerrville, Etiquette and Tips for Airport Bums, How Safe are Experimentals?
December Kerrville 1997 Reserve Grand Champion Plans Built Bill Freckman’s Acro Sport II, Flying in the Glass Cockpit
May Remembering Dick Cavin, Sun N Fun Report, Why We Fly: Flying M, Psudo-pilots, Publicity Stunts, media Weather: A Fatal Mix!, RV Corner: Heated Pitot, RV-3 Safety Alert,
June Chuck Wilson RV-4 First Flight, News from Aero Country, Twin Cities RV Builders Forum, The Pattern, Fixing Cracks in Plexiglas Canopies, Me262 Factory Visit,
September Oshkosh Report, Hoot Gibson to leave NASA, Why We Fly: Shoelaces and Strawberries, A Sabbatical Trip: Hi from Minnesota, A Sabbatical Trip: Hi from Washington, A Sabbatical Trip: Hi from San Juan Islands,
January A Note From Hoot Gibson, FAA Revising Kit Policy?, N168TX Featured on Van's 1885 Calendar Cover, FEW P-51 o· to be feature of February Meeting
February The Great Texas Canard Fly-in, Man Commits Flight In Homebuilt Flying Flivver; Weldon Yokochi has First Flight in Y-Bird!,
March Doolittle Papers Find Home in Texas, Mooney Did More Than The M-20, EAA Responds to Latest FAA Medical Proposals
April Memories of a Friend and a Pilot Mechanic, Mayday!, The Start of a Composite Education, Sun 'N' Fun Travel Tips
May The Information Super Runway, Hitting the Deck, Simply Outstanding!!!: mel and Ann's Award -winning RV-6,
June Men Didn't Have to Prove They Could Fly, but Women Did, Insurance, FARs and Logbook Endorsements, WD-40: Good, Bad or Ugly?, Wings and Wheels, RV on the Internet
July Pete Huff Working on Final Preparations for July Assault on the North Atlantic!, Eyewitness account of Downed Pilot Rescue, The Need for SPEED!
August Cutting Dollars not Quality
September Gasoline, Dimpling VS Counterskinking: The Official Story
October Flight Counselor's Corner: Airspeed, Beatrice, Nebraska, Electronic Fuel Injection Simplified
November Electronic Ignition Comes of Age, Steve and Paula Wittman Perish in Crash, Flying M Ranch Fly-In, SWRFI at Kerrville, Fiberglass Wing Tips
December Les Palmer's KR-2 First Flight, Self-certification Medical Rule Published, The Value of a BFR, A White Lightning Ride, The Tailwind Tango, B-17, Technical Counselor Corner: Carburetor Ice
January A Dream Demo Ride, Hot off The Wire: RV-6F Nears Completion, Member Profile: "Brownie" Seals
February Nominations tor the Richard Gardner Memorial Award, Member Profile: Harold Troxel, Some Not-So-Uncommon "Gotchas", An Affordable Strobe Light Kit
March More Nominations tor the Richard Gardner Memorial Award, Do-lt-Yourself Industrial Strength Dust Buster, Why Technical Counselors?
April My First Biplane Ride, Hot Wired, Member Profile: Ken Whitehead, Plugged In, Tax Consequences of Aircraft Ownership
May Ann & Mel Bring The Hardware Homel, Crosswind Landings, Member Profile: Burdon L. (Dave) Davidson, Technical Corner: Odds and Ends, Notes From A Sun N' Fun Trip, DFW Class B Proposal Informal Airspace Meeting
June Birds of a Feather Fly ( and own) Together, Stalls, Spins and Safety, Member Profile: J.E. "Red" Marron, Pop Rivets and the Homebuilder
July Young Eagles Report, Do It Yourself Navigation, Member Profile: Sue Ross-Whitesell, A Friend In Times of Need: Tony Bingelis, Richard Gardner Memorial Award Presented
August Tort Reform Wins Unanimous House Approval, Slow Flight Teaches You To Fly, Loving's Love: A Black American's Experience in Aviation, Technical Corner: TBO,SMOH,SPOH, TTA&E, Stay On Top Of Altitude
September Oshkosh'94 Reserve Grand Champion, Oshkosh Report, Lightning Strikes in Great Cross. Country Flying Race, Hot Tips
October The Joy of Flight: Van's Homecoming, No Wood! No Nails! No Glue!, Technical Corner: Emergency Tool Kit, Technical Corner: Sharp Corners
November Robert "Hoot" Gibson to Attempt 3 World Records in Pushy Galore, Bell's Wooden Wonder: The XP-77, EAA Flight Advisor Program
December Still Grinnin' A story about Luscombe 8E NC2038K and its pilots, Hoot Rides Again! The Rest of the Story ..., Technical Corner: Do It Yourself, Big Turnout for Young Eagles Program,
January Flying at Aft CG: In Which a Professional Test Pilot Excites the Phugoid (Part 2), Want a Custom N Number?
February Hoot Gibson is Coming, Chapter Project Updates, Pipes, Plane Bits: Fabrics for Composites
March Great Turnout for Hoot Gibson at the February Meeting, Good and Bad Fortune, Flying Fleas
April Rockwall Fly-In, A Flight Through a Rainbow, Aero Country
May First Flight for Geryl Mortensen's Staudacher S-300, Notes from Sun N Fun, 1993 Sun 100 Race, Torque it Right, The Great American Cross Country Flying Race of 1992
June First Flight Fever in May, Exhaust Pipe Wrap, Plane Bits: Resin Systems for Composites
July First Flight for Reece Daniel and His KR-2, June Fly-In and Picnic, Plane Bits: Core Materials for Composites
August A July First Flight for Pete Huffs White Lightning, July Young Eagles, Aircraft Upholstery, Survivors Sue for Vindication
September Tax Consequences of Aircraft Ownership
October Great Turnout for the September Flying O Fly-in, Kerrville Fly-In Info, Low and Slow to the Flying O
November Kerrville '93 Fly-in, A New miniMAX wing, Plane Bits: Honeycomb Core Materials for Composites, Tort Reform
December A Flight to Van's Homecoming, Bogey (A Tall Short Story)
January Don Lewis' Kitfox First Flight, From Crate to First Flight, Fog Review, Speed Demons: Upcoming Lancairs, Exhaust Wraps, Brakes
February WSJ: Liability Costs Drive Small-Plane Business Into Pilots' Barns
March President's Notes, Oil
April Dorman Hinchliffe's Rans S-7 First Flight, The Civil Penalty Battle, Gasoline
May President's Notes, Engine Performance Increases, Fibers for Composites, Right Place at the Right Time
June Roughing it at Lakeland, Propeller Alert, 11 Commandments of the International Aerobatic Club, Pitot-Static, The Gift
July President's Notes, One of Life's Honors
August Oshkosh '91: A First Visit, Hoot Flies Again
September Aero-Country: Alive and Well Rising From the Ashes (or Potholes)
October Kerrville Fly-In, AeroCountry: Alive and Well Again (Part 2), Leaving Baby Outside
November NC2038K Does it Again!, Kerrville Fly-In Report, Primary Category at Last!, Low-Buck Flight Simulation
December Flying at Aft CG: In Which a Professional Test Pilot Excites the Phugoid (Part 1)
January President's Notes
February Gasoline: A Miracle Fluid, President's Notes
March FAA Medical Exams, Personal Property Tax, My Favorite Chapter Member, Low and Slow Over the Alaska Highway, Pilot Asks FAA to Ban Night VFR
April President's Notes, Supervise Your Refuel, Hoot Gibson Sets Altitude Record
May Marvin Brott's RV-4 First Flight, President's Notes, One KR-2 To Go , Please, Pond Racer Makes First Flights, Top Guns of Arlington
June President's Notes, Fly-In Etiquette, Instrument Flight is for the Birds; or How to Duck the High Costs of Today's Sophisticated Instrumentation
July Bishop Field Fly-In, President's Notes, Flap Position Indicator, Kerrville
August Lancair Notes, Increasing Spark Plug Life, Fresh Air Ventilation, Dave Davidson's Around the World Attempt
September Legal Alert, Frontiers of Flight Museum, Cabin Heater/Defroster, Not Quite 'Round the World,
October Short Final at Shortstop, President's Notes, Chapter 34 Composite Seminar, Seeing Double: Mel's Double RV-6 Projects, Electrical System Backup
November President's Notes, Ground Those Fuel Tanks, The Birds and the BBs, Tape for Rubs and Scratches
December Kerrville Report, President's Notes, It's Easier to Cancel the Takoff than the Landing, A Tribute to Larry Grimm, Door/Canopy Open Brace, Serenade to a Homebuilder
January Bill Wisley's Hiperlight First Flight, Ugly Airplane Update
February Don Christiansen's RV-4 First Flight, Ugly Airplane Update, Potpourri
March Ed Olsen's Hiperlight First Flight, Stretching the Glide, Check your ELT, FAA - EAA Fl lght Test Handbook
April Doug Vail's Lancair 235 First Flight, Potpourri
May President's Page
June Wake Turbulence Quiz, Age-Old Engine Question, New Ceramic-Chrome Cylinder Plating Process
July Chapter Picnic, More to Fear Than the Feds
August Marvin Brott's RV-4, How Much are You Allowed to do?: Owner Maintenance
September White Lightning Project, President's Page
October President's Page
November Addison Airfair, Kitty Hawk Fly-in
December President's Page, A Flight Through a Rainbow


January President's Notes, Flew Revu, Rotax Operators Seminar, Ugly Plane Update
February Fly-By Notes, Flew Revu, Ugly Plane Update
March Fly-By Notes, Flew Revu, Ugly Plane Update, Oops-Sorry About That
April Fly-By Notes, Flew Revu, Ugly Plane Update
May Waco Expo Fly-In, BFR-In, New Recreational Pilot Certificate, Tom Poberezny Thanks Howard Walrath for "Flagging" the Need for Display Aircraft Protection at Oshkosh, Ugly Airplane Update
June Fly-By Notes, Flew Revu
July Central US EAA Homebuilt Lightplane and Recreational Aircraft Fly-In, Frank Haile Does it Again!, new Rules at Mesquite Hudson Airport, Ugly Airplane Update, The Flew Revu, Doctor Al Posey and Wife, Ruth of Enid, Oklahoma
August Fly-By Notes, Flew Revu, Ugly Plane Update
September The Flew Revu
October Ugly Airplane Update
November Flying O report, Delayed Death Knell for Older Aviation Radios, Ugly Airplane Update, Phylis and Ted Thayer's Aeronca Champ N1864E
December Radio: Its Use and Abuse, Ugly Airplane Update, The Flew Revu
January Trivial Pursuit, Gyroplane Report, Flight Safety: Self Preservation
February President's Notes, Trivial Pursuit
April Liberty and its Defense Are Not Free
May First Flights of Spring: Jim Young's Hiperbipe and Bud Judy's Original Design, BFR-In, Trivial Pursuit, Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machine: Plano to Lakeland in 1 1/2 Days, Fun in the Wild Blue,
June President's Notes, Sun N Fun Report
July Pulsar at Sun N Fun, President's Notes, Slow Flight, Trivial Pursuit
August President's Notes, Pilot's Ten Commandments, Flew Revu
September President's Notes, The Saga of Broken Prop Bolts, A Rebirth of Recreational Aviation,
October President's Notes, The Skyline Aeronautics Cluster
November Ugly Airplane Update, Flew Revu
September Captain's Corner, C.R Nickle's AcroSport II
October Captain's Corner, Kerrville Fly-In, Addison Airfair
November Captain's Corner, Kerrville Awards
December Captain's Corner, Ennis Airport Meeting, Government Liaison Update
December Octane Requirement and Your Experimental Airplane
January The Grumlins are Coming, AeroCountry
February Dennis Swenson's Story, Aviation Thoughts
August Minimum Flight Time for Instrument Rating Reduced, Trivial Pursuit, The Impossible Turn
September Recreational Pilot License NPRM
February Remembering Charles Penry, The Amazing Ace of all Aces, Bending those Pesky Leading Edge Skins
March My Pietenpole Air Camper, The Hapi Crowd Comes to Town, Building and Flying a Christen Eagle, Teflon Tape, Mixture Control Problems, Corrosive Properties of Fire-Retardant Solutions,
April Everything You have Always Wanted to Know about Spins But Were Afraid to Ask
May KR-2 Removable Tailcone, KR-2 TurtleBack, BFR-In Report
June Remembering J.O. Odle, South Central Regional Fly-In, Love Field: 67 Years Old and Better Than Ever
July Pauls Valley, OK is Really Okay!, Remembering Hap Buce, Automobile Gasoline for Aircraft, Kitty Hawk Fly-In
August Oshkosh Report, Hiperlite, Confederate Airsho Denton
September Building the Pitts S1S, The Great Aerocountry Fly-In, Remembering Robert Clark
October Kerrville Report
November ...Then the Tire Blew!, The Dave Davidson Letter about his Marquart Charger and Yacht
December Carswell Air Force Base Open House, A Flight Into the Mountain
February Basic Electricity for the Homebuilder
March Stall/Spin Quiz, Spring is Sprung: Bird Strikes
April Sun N Fun Report, Octane Ratings of Gasolines for Aircraft
May Notes from Dick Cavin
June Kitty Hawk Fly-In, Javelin Aircraft Flies Ford Escort Engine in a C-150, Flying in Australia, Afternoon Hop: Phillips Flying Ranch
July To Kill a Swift, Minimum Intercom Revisited, Pete Ohlson's Tour of Homebuilder's Projects, Searching for Parts in Europe, Seaton's Safety Summary: Summer
August Airline's Early Stinson Makes Tour, Only 365 More Days to OSH '84!
September Philosophy of Flight: Real Pilots Don't Eat Crow, Basic Electricity for the Homebuilder, The Big Plunge: Part 1
October Kerrville Report, The Big Plunge: Part 2
November Holding Your Mouth Right: The Art of Starting a New Engine
December Some Thoughts About "Glue"
January My Airplane is Gone!, No Fluids After Five O'Clock, A Short Course in Propeller Making
February Flying In Jolly Olde England
March Military Air Power - 1982, First 28 Hours of Flight in N20LG, Thoughts on Air-To-Air Photographs, Steel Sheet and Tube Tolerances, Fuel Tank Overflow, Exhaust Stacks
April Planes of Fame in Chino, CA, KR-2 Turtleback Process, Windshield Bow for the KR-2, Windshield Forming, A Homemade and Handy Abrasive/Cut-Off Wheel, Project Updates, Photos from the Champlin Fighter Museum in Mesa AZ,
May Project Updates, Remembering Red Ferguson, I Learned About Flying From That
June Notes from Dick Cavin
July Notes from Dick Cavin, New Amphibian on the Block, British Auto Fuel in Aircraft: Differing Opinions
August Seaton's Safety Summary: Violations, Remembering Francis Richardson, It Sure Wasn't Oshkosh: Vacationing Elsewhere, Magnetos, The Geezers
October Kerrville Report, Avgas vs. Autogas
November Terrell Fly-In, Reno or Bust, A Visit to Option Air Acapella Aircraft, Building a Dragonfly
December The Banana Run, Seaton's Safety Summary: Traffic Patterns
November Notes from Dick Cavin, The Goldwing
January Notes from Dick Cavin
February The Great Chinese Fire Drill: Printing a Newsletter, The Original Starduster Two-Place, Project: Skybolt
March The Long-EZ, Falco F.8L Status, Reflections on the Delta Wing, Aircraft Engine Oil Cooling
April Me262 Part 1, Airpark Report, Will Your Engine Live its Full Life?, Eugene Bryant's PL-4, Cleburne Report, Super Center Punch, Save a Fitting (Rod Ends), Rod End Re-Drilling, Jig for Re-Welding Band Saw Blades
May Chino Fly-In, Fournier RF-4D
June A Visit with Tony Bingelis, Autogas for Avgas?
July Denton Fly-In, Me262 Part 2, Wet Air Effect on Engines, VW Crank Modification
August Notes from Dick Cavin, Remembering Hugh Grammer, An Me262 Incident
September Oshkosh Report, Air-Angle Indicator
October Kerrville Report, The Saga of a Helicopter, Paint Striping Ideas
November Blakesburg Report, Get the Maximum Performance from Your Airplane, Some Experiences in Blowing a Plexiglas Bubble, Aircraft Electrical Installation Tips


January FAA NPRM for Increased Positive Control of US Airspace, Notes from Dick Cavin
February RV-3 Projects, Zenith Builders' Open House, A Workout with Sheet Metal, Aircraft Riveting
April Joya Chiquita, Remembering G.S Clardy, Notes from Dick Cavin
May Notes from Dick Cavin
June FAA NPRM Updates, Notes from Dick Cavin, Lancaster Fly-In
July Notes from Dick Cavin, Kitty Hawk Fly-In, Minimum Intercom, AC Flight Rally, First Flight Procedures, Education Through Error, Shoulder Harness Attach Placement
August Random Comments about Oshkosh '79, Oshkosh Report, Stress Your Sandpaper
September Notes from Dick Cavin, Bob Geren's DGA, Understanding Flutter, The ERCO Engine
October Notes from Dick Cavin, The Trick in Welding to Keep Bushings Round
November Alternative Rivet Cutting Tool, Aligning Main Landing Gear, Dumb Things I Have Did, Buying a Used Aircraft Engine
December Notes from Dick Cavin, Windshields, Windows, Canopies and Other Things You are Supposed to See Through
January Notes from Dick Cavin, Building a Barracuda
February Notes from Dick Cavin, larry Grimm's Cavalier, Marvin Brott's Sonerai Project
March Notes from Dick Cavin, We're There; Now What?, Dorman's Cassutt
April Notes from Dick Cavin, Bartie and the Varieze, Gordon and the Fokker D VII
June Notes from Dick Cavin, The Varieze
July Notes from Dick Cavin
August The Spirit of Poverty: Bob Cutler's PA-16, In Hock Too: Bob Cutler's Globe Swift, Oshkosh Odyssey, Wind Direction? Ask The Cows, Military Mics and the Civilian Transmitter
September Notes from Dick Cavin,John Russell's PL-4A, Why a Pazmany PL-4A?, The Human Angle of PL-4A Building
October Notes from Dick Cavin, Kerrville Fly-In, World Aerobatic Championships, Keith Winship's Volksplane N5989, Milton Scott's Volksplane N2MC, Selecting an Aircraft to Build: What about the VP-1?, Jim Young's Flybaby, Joe Linex's Flybaby, Young Bower's Flybaby 614PY, Young Bower's Flybaby 614PY: Peggy's Side, From the Other Side of the Fence: A Wife's Viewpoint
November Notes from Dick Cavin, The Story of the Swick T, Why a Taylorcraft?, Practical Aircraft Balance...Simplified
December Notes from Dick Cavin, Dorman Hinchliffe's Cassutt Flies, Ken Larson is Qualified as Braniff Concorde Captain, The Everel Single-Blade Propeller, How Sharp is Your Tach?, Design and Build Your Own Propeller
January Notes from Dick Cavin
February Notes from Dick Cavin
May Notes from Dick Cavin, Propeller Tips
June Notes from Dick Cavin, Ken Gersbach's Sidewinder First Flight
July Notes from Dick Cavin, JimYoung's Flybaby N614PY First Flight, Switch Off? Make Sure the Prop is Not Hot
August Notes from Dick Cavin, Remembering Ken Gershach, Oshkosh Report, John Snyder's Starduster Too First Flight
September Notes from Dick Cavin
October Notes from Dick Cavin, Lindbergh Days, Kitty Hawk Fly-In
November Notes from Dick Cavin
December Notes from Dick Cavin

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