Pete Miller moves to the airport

I moved my RV-7 from my garage to the airport on February 21, 2019.
Dave Buono is renting me the back corner of his hangar at Aerocountry.. I don’t know what to do with this much room after being in the garage. My RV is a hangar-mate to Bruce
Fuller’s Bearhawk.

I called a few towing outfits in McKinney. Some didn’t even want to talk to me. I think they thought I was moving a 737 or something. I found a company called Expert Towing. They were
eager to help. One of their drivers came to the house a couple of days before I wanted to move just to make sure he understood my needs, the size of the airplane, etc. We arranged a date and a price.

The morning was rainy with some thunder, but by the time the truck showed up, things calmed down. The airplane had never been wet before, though… Chris and Alonzo from Expert Towing were very professional and catered to my wishes and my knowledge of the airplane.
I lost the truck in my own neighborhood, so I just headed to the airport on my own and waited for them. They weren’t far behind, though. Unloading went very smoothly. The next week, I rented a 16′ truck to move my wings, various parts, and toolboxes. We filled that truck and made sure every item was firmly tied down.Now we’re in our new home, and I’ve even already started doing a little bit of work on the airplane.