March 25, 2023

By Michael Stephan

Don and Mary Ann at Smiley Creek
Don, Bruce and Mary Ann enjoying a little Smiley Creek Lunch.

Last month we were introduced to Smiley Creek Airport in Idaho being kept this summer by Bruce and Mary Ann Fuller. This month they get a special visitor. On his summer Idaho mountain flying adventures, Don Christiansen dropped in for a visit in his yellow and blue Rans S-21. In the pictures you can see the fun all three are having in Idaho. I love how blue the skies are there. Here is the second Smiley Creek report from Bruce and Mary Ann.

Dr. Don here this week! So enjoyed his visit. Another biggy this week was our pump for watering runway/campground was back ! We’re so thankful. It’s so arid here water just evaporates in 2 hours or less! Successful Glasair Sportsman last weekend brought pilots from many parts plus— campers from Canada, South Carolina too. Great people that we enjoyed and kept us busy too. Lotsa pilot talk/stories. Relaxing and great weather! We’re enjoying exploring, some fishing
and always the view. Missed attending the picnic and know y’all had a really good time with Mel and Ann hosting. Thought of you.

Don and Bruce at Smiley Creek

More from Smiley Creek next month.