June 2, 2023
Congratulations to Conor for soloing at Fort Worth Alliance on Tuesday, April 11, 2023!  He has overcome several flight training challenges for achieving this goal.

As like a few times before, I started the day off by pre fighting the airplane. I checked for anything that would affect the flight and cost me not to solo. My instructor asked me for my logbook and give me a solo endorsement. Once that was done we both climbed into the plane and started it up. We started from 52F (Northwest Rgnl). 52F has a narrow runway and my instructor did not want me to solo out of there. So we went over to AFW (Alliance) which was the next airport over.

When we got to AFW we did one touch-and-go. In the pattern after the touch and go my instructor informed the tower that we would be doing a full stop and that I would be kicking him out of the airplane. Once we landed on 16R we taxied over to the FBO and parked. That’s when he hopped out of the plane and said go do a few in the pattern. I started by using the checklist and started the engine. I called for my taxi and started to taxi out of there. Once I got to where I was going to take off I did my run-up and made sure that all my instrumentations worked and everything was running well.

After the run-up, I called up the tower and got my clearance for takeoff. The take-off roll went pretty well and I realized I was taking off on Runway 16L which was the bigger and longer runway. I was doing the standard left-hand pattern for my first solo take-off and landing. On Final everything came in. I lined up making sure it was on glide slope by looking out for my main point. My first landing was a little rough but it was a safe landing and the takeoff was again smooth and on center line. My second landing was a little rough though.

My third take-off was pretty good and they had me change to 16R. On 16R I touched down rough and then turned off the runway onto taxiway golf. While holding short of runway 16L a 757 landed on 16L turned off at taxiway golf in front of me. The tower told me to follow him and then turn off at the next taxiway. I follow him across the runway and turn onto the parallel taxiway to go to park (I was so little compared to him). I taxied into the FBO, parked the plane and called my instructor who was up in the tower. When he got down from the tower he congratulated me and we got into airplane and flew back to 52F.

Back at 52F we refueled the airplane, took it to the hanger, and my instructor cut the tail off of my shirt. My instructor called Norm and I called my mom and grandparents to tell them I soloed. I am glad I made it to this day.

We are very proud of him for what he has accomplished.
Well done, Conor!