Legend Cub Factory Tour

by Michael Stephan

This Cub, proposed for the Army, has a carbon fiber removable fuselage cover that could include a stretcher or third seat.

The McKinney Chapter arranged a tour of the Legend Cub Factory in Sulphur Springs on March 16th, and we were lucky enough to be able to tag along. We had a large number of members attend.
The popularity of tube and fabric aircraft is on the rise as an explosion of bush-flying videos are posted on the internet. So it was no surprise to see so many interested in seeing the Legend Cub Factory. I’m one of those interested.
The Legend Cub is not a typical cub. These Cubs are bigger, safer, and fabricated to exacting standards with the combination of high tech materials and methods along with some old school craftsmanship.

Legend Cub on the assembly line getting the firewall forward installed

All the parts are fabricated in precision jigs that are checked for accuracy several times a year.
Lightness plays a big part and Legend is using newer materials to aid in that matter. Composite honeycomb-core floors are practically weightless. The floats are also made of a carbon and kevlar honeycomb composite. They are so light two people can lift them easily. There is also more lightweight composite material used in the fabrication of the cowls.

We are starting to see more technology in the landing gear as performance takes precedence over originality. More shock struts and less bungees is what you will find, and some of the struts are highly engineered.

The factory also does a fair amount of refurbishing and repair for customers. New Cubs shared the floor space with others getting repaired as well as a few upgrades. Legend also does high end restorations as well.

Serial #4 Bonanza undergoing restoration

One of those restorations currently underway is the first customer delivered Bonanza. Serial number 4 was being completely restored on factory floor. Look for it to be on display at Oshkosh this year.

Darin Hart leads the tour of the Weld Shop

Founder Darin Hart , hosted the tour of the welding shop and the fabric covering area. He gave a compelling history of the company as well as what makes a Legend Cub a high quality and unique airplane.

If you have enough money, Legend can build just about any Cub you want. Other Cub manufacturers get a lot of buzz and cost more than planes twice their size, but Legend has a
product that gives you more for a much lower cost. There is a bunch of Legend owners that would agree with that.

I would love to have one.

Old School Craftsmanship still used to cover the Legend Cub
Precision Jig used to fabricate the Elevators