March 25, 2023

On February 7th, RV-4 N124F took to the skies over McKinney.  Built and piloted by Brad Fennell, N124F performed well.   The McKinney Tower controllers accommodated Brad’s plan to circle the airport at 2500ft  and keep him clear of local traffic.  To break in his new engine it was a flight at sustained high power.  Brad reported speeds near 200 mph. The only squawk on the first flight was weak radio transmissions.

Brad started the RV-4 30 years ago, but while working on the project slipped in work on other projects;  Pitts S-1S, C-150, and a Bonanza.

A 185 HP Titan IO-360 powers N124F turning a three blade Catto fixed pitch prop. Dynon Skyview drives the two axis auto pilot servos.  Brad opted for electric trim and flaps instead of the mechanical versions.  The radio is an MGL unit.  His panel has a very simple and elegant appearance, but is a very capable Glass panel.

Brad’s RV-4 is a good looking RV-4.  Already painted, it is ready to make appearances at local fly-ins.  So when you see a shiny, blue RV-4 at you local airport,  be sure and congratulate Brad on an aircraft well done.

Brad received his First Flight plaque at the Chapter’s April meeting.

Congratulations Brad!