July 14, 2024

By Michael Stephan

At Airventure 2022, EAA celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Young Eagle Program, and Chapter 168 was recognized for its thirty years of support.

In 1992, EAA launched program to introduce kids (ages 8-17) to aviation by giving them a first flight with a goal of flying 1 million Young Eagles in ten years. They accomplished that goal and to date nearly 2.3 million young people have experienced a Young Eagle flight.

These flights are made possible through the generosity of EAA member volunteers, and many Chapter 168 members have been involved in the program. We thank them for their generous contributions to the program. We have had several Young Eagle Coordinators over the years, but for nearly 20 years Jim Quinn has been our Coordinator matching pilots with kids. Norm Biron has also been a welcomed asset to the program helping Jim and flying Young Eagles.

Supporting the program for three decades, our Chapter was fortunate to have a cadre of dedicated pilots willing to share their passion with the next generation, many of those still flying for us today. We also appreciate their generosity and dedication. It wouldn’t be possible without them.

The future of the Young Eagle program needs the continued support of our members, and I encourage Chapter 168 members to participate and experience the benefits of the Young Eagle Program.